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Food and cuisine have always occupied an important position in Serbian tradition. Serbian cuisine offers a variety of tastes and dishes which are known around the world. More information about the Serbian cuisine and dishes can be found on:

The Serbian Tourist Organization has chosen gastronomy as a topic for 2012 as an integral part of what Serbia has to offer to tourists. They have made a promotional video that shows how every part of Serbia is famous for some dish or some tasty homemade product. The video is entitled ‘Soulfood Serbia’ and can be seen here: VIDEO

Food and Restaurants in Niš

In comparison with other regions in the country, the food in Niš is not only cheaper but also more delicious. One of the most characteristic local specialties is "burek", which is a kind of a pie and can be found in bakeries all around the city. Another typical Serbian food is grilled meat (barbecue) which can be found in a lot of grilled-food kiosks, basically on every corner of the city.

There are many restaurants in Niš, and we will only mention some of them. From our point of view, they can be divided into three groups. The first group enlists restaurants that are called “kafane” (sg. kafana, pl. kafane) in Serbian. These are usually smaller places with a relatively large number of tables that are in most cases decorated in the ethno style. The second group enlists the remaining restaurants, while in the third group are pizza places, café-restaurants and fast-food restaurants. All the lists are given in alphabetical order.

In larger restaurants, there is usually a division into smoking and non-smoking areas, while smoking is allowed in all the smaller restaurants.

Traditional restaurants (in Serbian – kafane)

Brka (Jelašnica, +381 18 46 40 113)
Located in a village 12 km away from Niš, on a road towards Mt. Suva planina and just before the Gorge of Jelašnica, this restaurant offers local specialties that are prepared in the old-fashioned way. Literal translation of the name – a man with moustache.

Dagi plus (Radmile Kovačević 3, +381 18 224 423, +381 18 274 570,
“Dagi plus” is located in a suburb, 3 km from the city center. This restaurant is known for specialties made from lamb and mutton meat.

Kod Rajka (Kopitareva bb, +381 241 721)
This restaurant is located in the core of the city in an alley which is known as Kazandžijsko sokače (Tinker’s Alley) and famous for abounding in coffee shops and restaurants. This is a friendly place for good value with Serbian grilled dishes which come in huge portions.

Kod Šipe (Kamenički vis, +381 18 652 111, +381 63 855 61 41)
This is the only restaurant in the city and its surroundings that offers game specialties. It is located on the Hill of Kamenica, approximately 12 km from the city center.

Mali podrum (Stevana Nemanje 14, +381 18 267 560)
Located in a quiet alley in the vicinity of the city center, this restaurant is known for good food. Literal translation of the name – small basement.

Mrak (Bulevar 12. februar bb, +381 18 581 234)
This restaurant is located in a suburb of Niš, 4 km from the city center. It is mostly know for great barbecue. Literal translation of the name – dark, but in colloquial language it means great, superb, delicious.

Nišlijska mehana (Prvomajska 49, +381 18 511 111,
Nišlijska mehana “TT” (Jadranska bb, +381 18 45 99 555, +381 18 45 75 738, +381 62 756 013,
There are two objects under this name – a smaller one in the vicinity of the city center, and the larger one on the right bank of the Nišava river, only 500 meters away from the main entrance to the Fortress. These restaurants represent a recognizable brand of the city of Niš and offer exquisite cuisine and drinks.

Olio (Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 18, +381 18 533 513, +381 64 44 94 131)
“Olio” is located 2 km from the city center. This restaurant with a fifteen-year tradition is known for specialties made from lamb and mutton meat.

Orač (Knjaževačka 3, +381 18 24 14 124)
This is a restaurant located 2.5 km from the city center with home-like atmosphere where you can eat large and tasteful meals in front of a fireplace. Literal translation of the name – plowman.

Rene (Đerdapska 24, +381 64 20 36 125)
Located in the area of Niš called Duvanište and approximately 4 km away from the city center, this restaurant was opened in accordance with the famous TV show ‘Allo ‘Allo. While the owner Rene used to fight against the Germans and help the Resistance, the owners of this restaurant are fighting against the conventional and are helping their guests to try something new.

Riblja konoba (Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog 5, +381 18 257 728)
Located in a basement in the heart of the city, this restaurant is a real oasis for the remaining bohemians and for the traditional-cuisine and acoustic music lovers. Fish specialties are dominant on the Menu.

Stara Drina (Drainčeva 29, +381 18 45 60 666)
Located 1 km from the city center, this small restaurant is famous for dishes made of entrails.

Verige (Ive Lole Ribara 7a, +381 18 513 323)
Located in a very peaceful place in the city center, this restaurant is a small oasis of peace, and a balm for soul and eyes. Fish specialties, barbecue and national dishes are dominant on the Menu. Literal translation of the name – pothook.


Amerikanac (Kovanlučka 10, +381 18 594 489)
This is the oldest restaurant in this part of Serbia that made Niš famous for its exquisite cuisine, respectable interior, standard quality and nice atmosphere. It exists for 70 years, and its location is approximately 2 km from the city center. The restaurant offers national Serbian dishes as well as interesting Western-Serbian mixes. Literal translation of the name – an American. This American was the father of the first owner of the restaurant who went to America in search of a better life and who used to send money to his son to build this restaurant.

City Garden (Zetska 6a, +381 18 221 031,
Located in the vicinity of the city center on the edge of the “Čair“ park, this restaurant offers international and national cuisine.

Elite (Prijezdina 51, +381 18 514 514)
Located in a quiet street in the vicinity of the city center, this restaurant used to be a pizzeria and now it also offers European food and a great variety of high-quality wines.

Gusar (Jadranska bb, +381 18 514 555)
Located on the right bank of the Nišava river, this is the restaurant with the most beautiful view on downtown Niš and the river. The Menu offers national and international dishes, especially Hungarian and Italian cuisine. Literal translation of the name – a pirate.

Hamam (Tvrđava bb, +381 18 513 447)
The restaurant is located immediately after the main entrance to the Fortress in the area where used to be a Turkish public bathroom (hamam – public bathroom in Turkish). This ethno restaurant offers specialties from different national cuisines as well as the vegetarian food.

Pizza places, bakeries, café-restaurants and fast-food restaurants

Babaroga – fast food (Cara Dušana 35, +381 18 244 183)

Brann Bakeries (Pekara Branković)(Trg Kralja Milana 9, Obrenovićeva 82, Bulevar 12. februar 33/1, Vožda Karađorđa 68, Trg Republike 10, Sokolska 1

Cezar – fast food (Nikole Pašića 47a, +381 18 588 588, +381 65 887 2780)

Pizzeria “Castello” (Cara Dušana 52/1, +381 18 249 544, +381 18 258 129)

Pizzeria “Kaktus” (IX brigade 23b, +381 18 247 588)

Pizzeria and spaghetteria “La Strega” (Nikole Pašića 1, +381 18 292 222)

Pizzeria “Mamma” (Nade Tomić 10, +381 18 245 044)

Pizzeria “MBN” (Bulevar Dr. Zorana Đinđića 27, +381 18 201 777,

Restaurant-pizzeria “Riva” (Kej 29. decembra 18b, +381 18 523 200, +381 63 414 965)

Pleasure – café-restaurant (Kopitareva 7, +381 18 517 551, +381 62 254 315,

Tramvaj – café-confectionery (Obrenovićeva 20, +381 18 257 909, +381 18 257 802)